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  2. Humor : I enjoy lots of things that make me laugh.
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    Humor : :TROLL FACE:
    Usergroups: Factpilers
    Rank: Sergeant Major
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    Humor : good, sarcastic and easily laughable :)
    Usergroups: Poseidon Cabin, The Guardians
    Rank: Head Guardian!
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    Humor : iwrestledabearonce, Skillet, Pierce The Veil, Woe, Is Me, The Ready Set, Sleeping With Sirens, A Skylit Drive, Allstar Weekend, I See Stars, The Downtown Fiction, Never Shout Never, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Eyes Set To Kill, Dead By April, brokeNCYDE, BOTDF, BVB, and many more bands.
    Usergroups: Aphrodite Cabin, The Officers Of The Alliance!
    Rank: Corporal
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    Humor : wudnt u like to kno lolz
    Usergroups: Aphrodite Cabin
    Rank: Recruit
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Javier Cross

Rank: Prince of the Alliance!
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